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Why A Partnership with Tottenwood Thoroughbreds?

We have examined a number of racing partnerships in the last few years and feel ours is very unique by industry standards. This is probably due to the philosophical approach we used at the time we became involved in the business of racing. Our involvement was prompted by a genuine compassion for the game itself and a lifelong desire to be part of something so exciting. Consequently, we have set up partnerships that are affordable, diverse, economically sound, and are partner friendly. We openly recruit people who share our enthusiasm and interest for the sport. We promote a family atmosphere that is informative, direct and, at all times, approached with the best interest of the horse and our partners as the primary concerns. We encourage you to examine as many racing partnerships as possible and compare them to our offerings. We think you will find ours unique and structured in a manner that sets it apart from the market norm. What other racing partnerships have these features?

We set up our partnerships for a limited number of partners. This offering is for not less than 4.75% ownership for a purchase price of $2500. You may purchase additional interest in increments of $1250.00 or 2.375%. We are not interested in a large conglomerate of individuals, but a few who share our interest. This minimizes paperwork and allows us to know our partners on a first name basis. We spend a lot of time communicating with each partner and make ourselves available at all times to answer your questions.

Our racing partnerships are relatively small with no more than two to four horses offered each year.  Our approach is very "hands-on" to make sure our horses are being managed in the best interest of both the animal and the partnership. The element of efficiency is lost if the partnership has too many owners or too many horses or the trainer is making all the calls. Our trainers understand our management style and work closely with us in developing each horse to reach its full potential.

Management does not rely on income from the thoroughbred business for their subsistence. We seek partnerships in order that we can continue to grow and expand our interest in every facet of the thoroughbred industry. As we have said before, this is a "passion" and we want as much of it as we can get.

Unlike most partnerships, we are not afraid to invest our own money in these partnerships and pay our proportionate share of the bills. We ask no partner to risk anything that the we are not willing to risk ourselves. This insures integrity and effort throughout the life of the partnership.

There are no regular management fees. Tottenwood Thoroughbreds, as the managing partner, receives 5 percent of the ownership of the horse (maintenance and training fees excluded).This is figured into the initial purchase price of the horse and is not billed as a separate expense. We are also entitled to 5% of all earnings in addition to any earnings entitled by our percentage of ownership. We are also entitled to a 5% commission on the disposition (sale) of the horse. This would occur if a horse displayed considerable ability and we could move him via sale at a substantial profit to the partnership or at such time as the horse is no longer capable of paying their way on the track through earnings; otherwise, our fee is based on the horse's ability to earn money on the track. We believe in our horses and if they can't run, we don't get paid.

We believe it makes economic sense to buy horses in the $25,000 to $50,000 range. The higher you go above that range, the less probability of financial recovery. There are many great horses that are sold in that range each year not to mention good ones. If you listened to the pre-race coverage of the 2002 Breeders Cup Classic, you noted that 3 of those horses sold below the above stated range. In 2004,"Singletary" was a Breeders Cup Champion - a $6200 purchase. There are many examples like this, but there are no guarantees. We make every effort to find horses for our partnerships that display characteristics consistent with quality and which will give us a chance to have a winner.

While we cannot minimize the thrills of owning a "Classic Horse", you must keep economic potential in mind. We believe you can enjoy racing for all that it's worth, but always try to make it worth your investment.

Our partnerships include normal monthly expenses for the first 12 months of the partnership. The initial plan is to have them racing and hopefully earning purse money before the initial expenses are depleted. If the plan works, then the partners will not be required to put up additional capital. To date, none of our racing partnerships have exceeded projected training expenses for the first 12-month period. This includes mortality and owner's liability insurance premiums.

The managing partner makes every effort to keep all of our partners informed on matters related to their horse. As stated previously, we promote and encourage your participation and input. Our contract is set up to permit each partner the opportunity to participate at a level consistent with their interest and availability. We have some partners who correspond by e-mail or phone only and others who stop by the farm on a regular basis and even work with the horses during sales preparation. Yes, our partners actually have a place to visit and talk all they want about horses. Tottenwood Thoroughbreds is a real horse farm, operated by real people, conveniently located, with easy access to a major interstate and airport. You can look at our sale prospects, young foals at their mother's side, and promising 2-year-olds. We have also made arrangements for others to attend important races such as the Breeders Cup or Derby. As managing partners, we encourage your involvement and do everything to make your relationship with the "Horse" as meaningful as possible.

All of our customers are important to us regardless of the amount of their investment or level of participation. We always try to make ourselves available to field your questions and inquiries. All new partnerships are made available to existing partners before they are offered on the open market so no one gets shut out at the gate.

We try to be efficient with expenditures and the management of our assets. We have several partners who have been involved in similar offerings and we would be happy to make them available to you for reference purposes. We strive to be the best at what we do and will do whatever is necessary to affect that end.

We hope you will "Throw a leg up", put your "Feet in the irons" and take your next " Ride with us"!

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